yo guys!

i have this, straight from Japan of course, WWD FOR JAPAN magazine with photoshoot of Bill and Tom and i need to sell it.

is anyone interested? message me about details.

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ℋℯℓℓℴ everybody! ≖‿≖ This year will end in 24 hours so I thought I might make a post about people that made 2013 a great year for me. I really had so much fun on tumblr, even thought Tokio Hotel is still on hiatus, you have managed to keep my dash alive, wow you’re all so fucking great, you deserve a cookie. No, a CAKE! But I can’t give you a cake sry (;´∩`;)゜ You’re all too far away from me, but I really do care for every single one of you and I think you’re wonderful creatures human beings! Have an amazing year and I hope all your wishes will come true! [not in any order]

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I have this blog for over a year now and I can say I love this place. I met many many wonderful people and I have beautiful memories. 
I love every single one of you and I wish you all the best in life. You are special.

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dziękujęę ;A; <333


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My very first follow forever list. I love you all so much. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!!

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thank you very very muuch!!!! <33

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then… this year it’s almost over… so I’ve decided make my first FOLLOW FOREVER !!! :D(I hope I’ve made you smile for a few seconds :3)

also I want to wish you that have a Happy Holidays, so have fun and enjoy these days with your family or music or whatever… and drink so much til lose consciousness. (jk XD)

…and I hope the best in this 2014…. Everything that we couldn’t get this 2013 comes the next year! ;D Specially I wish fangirling and scream with you much as be possible !!!

Enjoy again! Thanks for being amazing persons, you’re perfect and I love you!

x kissmegoodbye93 x all-time-lost-in-stereo x ohhagen x «we shared many conversations together on twitter, you’re very special to me ILYSM»

special people… ;)

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thank you so much honey!!!!!!! this feels amazing to be on your FF list <333

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- for sale -

anyone would be interested in buying Humanoid City Live CD + DVD? i’m also gonna add Bill’s poster from german Popcorn from 2013. condition is excellent. price will be reasonable. just message me about that. 

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